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Reading Hawk

The Reading Hawk website is dedicated to providing stories and books to the beginning reader of English. Currently all of the stories and books found on Reading Hawk are free. It is hoped that this website will help beginning readers on their successful lifelong journey of reading.


Copyright © 2012 by Clark Ness. Permission is currently granted for printing, photocopying, emailing, recording, storing in a retrieval system, and transmitting these stories and books in any form or by any means, mechanical and/or electronic.

Sale of these stories and books is strictly forbidden as well as the uploading any of the stories and books to a commercial book store or website without prior written permission.

Clark Ness

Reading Hawk was created by Clark Ness. He is a former

special education teacher and has written beginning reader

stories for several years.

He lives in Spokane Valley, Washington USA.

Have fun learning to read!